GET /fapi/v1/userTrades not returning anything at all

Is it broken? GET /fapi/v1/userTrades not returning any trades. At all

For example:

Empty result but I have plenty of trades in account and it was working before.
Is it recent update?

How I can get trade history if I don’t know when It started exactly?

Ok. looks like the problem is new 7 day feature. But in changelog its not affecting userTrades endpoint

The query time period for endpoint GET /fapi/v1/allOrders must be less then 7 days.
The query time period for endpoint GET /fapi/v1/allForceOrders must be within the recent 7 days.

So. How I can get first orderId in user history? Looping 7 days from the beginning of futures on bibnance?

I found solution, its definitely a hack. So I would keep it secret.

Would like to hear a proper solution to get id of first trade. Because without startTime I get 7 days recently.

If neither startTime nor endTime is sent, the result will only contain the most recent 7 days data.
We’ll update the API document to mention this condition.

Mine are the same! How doyou solve this?
This api does not return anything!