Get data for all pairs not only for one symbol...

Hi Binance Team,

I have 1 request and 1 question.

First, may you consider the following endpoints return data for all usd s margined pairs? Or May you consider web socket stream for related data? Now they return data only for one symbol that you specified.

  • GET /futures/data/topLongShortAccountRatio
  • GET /futures/data/topLongShortPositionRatio
  • GET /futures/data/globalLongShortAccountRatio
  • GET /futures/data/takerlongshortRatio

Second, for the endpoints above there is no weight mentioned in the api docs. Does it mean can i call these endpoints unlimited?


  1. This will be feedback to the dev team but not in high priority.

  2. Yes, this endpoint has no request weight limit. However, the WAF has a raw request limit of 20000 request per minute.

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