Generating IOTA addresses

There is a warning on the IOTA deposit page, saying

Important: IOTA deposit addresses should not be used more than once. After the first use of a deposit address, subsequent deposits to the same address will not be credited.

If two or more deposits will be sent to the single provided specified address, only one will be received and displayed in users balance.
Binance changes the IOTA address after one deposit received, but what if, for example, a couple of deposits will be sent in one time?

There is a way to generate a new address for every deposit, using web interface, but there is no such way to do this with API. Can it be added?

  1. You will find the IOTA deposit address by call the endpoint
GET sapi/v1/capital/deposit/address

which will return the available address for deposit.

  1. Based on special IOTA address requirement, please alway call above endpoint to get the correct address before deposit.

  2. If the address has no deposit, the address from Binance will not change. Even clicking the button “Generate a new address”, the address won’t change until a deposit is received.