GAP in charts

Today I wake up and find that GAP in all the graphs, any idea what it is due to and how to fix it?

On TV the graphs do not show this error

Hi I faced the same problem and verified a bug of the return of the API or maybe it is an issue with Binance itself that did not calculate the period internally in their database. anyone can provide an explanation from Binance team in the forum ? This is why I just registered with the forum actually!
klines API call to produce the issue

Notice the gap.
the returned values from this API has gaps from 23:45:00 up to 01:00:00

this issue was not handled and crashed my program !! I never had this issue before with Binance!
I think TV uses the websocket trade data and build the candles and that’s why it does not have this issue… where I assume you are using the kline data from Binance.

I am really surprised no one is reporting this issue and providing an update from the Binance Dev team…
I realised that even “raw trades” are not being provided via the API.

startTime: 1679661900000

As I read that day there was an error in the binance system due to something related to the orders and in fact they suspended the withdrawals but because of that the history of the candles in that period of time was filled with erroneous data (bug) from my point of view vista and apparently to this day they have not corrected it and we just have to wait for someone from the binance team to fix it

There was an offline maintenance during the time. Binance Temporary System Maintenance Complete (2023-03-24) | Binance Support

Since there is no trade during the maintenance, you will see a flat line in the specific kline chart. There is no bug in kline rendering.