[ 'Futures WebSocket closed: !ticker@arr (1006)' ]

Hi , my bot is frequently receiving this error and disconnect de API

[ ‘Futures WebSocket closed: !ticker@arr (1006)’ ]

Some body could help to solve this issue ?

Please try to subscribe to limited ticket info, and see if it works?

Tks Dino

Can be more clear about limited ticket info , please ?
If has a link doc about this …. It will be great


!ticker@arr is subscribing ticker info from all symbols. However if the client can’t handle the messages in time, the ws can be disconnected. So please to subscribe a few ticker info and see if that works.

I’m using this library

WebSockets can be unstable sometimes, it’s important to detect issues with the connection so you can respawn it with a working one when it happens. Here’s one way to do it, if you have your own implementation:

If you’re using node.js, this SDK is extremely resilient with handling websocket connectivity:

NPM link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/binance