Futures using Python and utilizing websockets

I am currently developing an automated trading program for Binance Futures using Python and utilizing websockets. For symbols like BTCUSDT, the stream arrives periodically without any issues. However, for symbols that include numbers, the stream doesn’t seem to come through. For example:

bot$ python mybot.py -tframe 15m -symbol btcusdt -lev 10

In this case, the packets arrive normally and can be processed. But for:

bot$ python mybot.py -tframe 1m -symbol 1000luncusdt -lev 2

bot$ python mybot.py -tframe 1m -symbol luna2usdt -lev 4

In these cases, no messages come through at all. I suspect it might be due to the phrase “The Kline/Candlestick Stream push updates to the current klines/candlestick every 250 milliseconds (if existing).” I think the issue might be related to the “(if existing)” part. If you have any debugging methods or ideas about what the problem might be, even if it’s just a guess, I would greatly appreciate your input.

@skyoum00 Sorry for late reply.

1000LUNCUSDT is a USD Futures symbol, so the base URL should not be the one used for Spot, but instead it should be wss://fstream.binance.com. Once changed, it’ll deliver the results just fine.
websocat -v "wss://fstream.binance.com/ws/1000luncusdt@kline_1m"