Futures Testnet broken since 2 weeks

The Problem:
The prices on the Futures Testnet are frozen since 2 weeks, on both the testnet website and the API. This means it is not possible to test anything that needs a price change (like limit orders, takeprofit/stoploss, trailing stoploss, calculations on order close and so on).

How to reproduce the problem:
a) Using the website:

  1. Go to https://testnet.binancefuture.com/en/futures/BTCUSDT
  2. Look at the “24h Change” shown at the top: it shows 0.00%
  3. “24h High” and “24h Low” are almost identical.
  4. Watch the price not moving on the 1 minute chart.

b) Using the API:

  1. Open https://testnet.binancefuture.com/fapi/v1/ticker/24hr?symbol=BTCUSDT
  2. Look at “priceChange” and “priceChangePercent”: it shows 0.00
  3. “highPrice” and “lowPrice” are almost identical.
  4. Refresh occasionally to watch “lastPrice” not moving.

Is binance aware of this problem yet? Is this forum the right place to report this problem?

Hello, thanks for the feedback. I’ll redirect internally to understand more on this.

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Should be better now, can you test ?

Yes, the price is moving again :tada:
Thank you very much!

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Hello, unfortunately the problem has happened again, the price is frozen again since 4 days.

@registerusername let me ping the team again.