Futures Public Websocket delayed

Hi I am subscribing to the public websocket data, specifically to Quote data. My strategy is then trading based in the data it receives. I do it mainly to save “rate limit weights” but now I am not sure if Binance is throttling in any way the day it sends through the publicly available websocket. Server is already in Tokio, so I’d assume little delays. To me it seems that data is heavily delayed especially when volumes in the markets are high. Is public Websocket Data prioritized over a private WS connection?

Do you have any experience here? And what can I do to get data really really fast?

I have the same problem. Most of my received websockets messages have 2 to 10 milliseconds delay. But in brief moments when market activity is high. I get delays of hundreds of milliseconds to futures websockets streams btcusdt@bookTicker or btcusdt@depth@0ms. When market activity is very high i could see delays of a few seconds.
Same problem for private user data stream wss://fstream.binance.com/ws/ Sometimes i receive ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE or ACCOUNT_UPDATE events with delay of 100 or 500 milliseconds. I lose money in these moments.
I tried on AWS instances in Tokyo from t3.small to c5.18xlarge with 25Gbps bandwidth and that made no difference. I tried with windows and linux with different websockets libraries.
How can i get reliable low delay of no more than 10-20 milliseconds for websockets? At least for private user data stream events.

thank you for your feedback, we are working hard to improving the websocket performance.