Futures API balance history

Hi. I was trying to get user balance history for future account. I need all transactions from the beginning of account.

I tried fapi/v1/income but despite using startTime 2019-06-01(Timestamp: 1559347200000)

Im getting only records for last month or so, Why?

Im really need to calculate leverage and risk for all history orders of users but without knowing balance at exact moment in history its just impossible.

How many records have you got; By default, it gives 100 records and maximum is 1000 if you set “limit=”.
So please specify both start and end time to get the records from a particular time window;
For more information, please refer to https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/futures/en/#get-income-history-user_data

@MJW thank you for you answer, let me show:
My request:

In response I got: 18 rows.
First row time: 1605619071000 (11/17/2020 @ 1:17pm (UTC))
Last row time: 1605686400000 (11/18/2020 @ 8:00am (UTC))

But my start time 1559347200000 = 06/01/2019 @ 12:00am (UTC)

What I’m doing wrong?

The API call looks good to me api-wise. Please contact CS if you find the transaction inconsistency and they might ask for your account info

I still cant understand this API endpoint.

Type “transfer” from “fapi/v1/income” return 1 transfer in my account.
But GET /sapi/v1/futures/transfer return 3 transfers (this is correct). Both using max limit and returning only 6 rows max.

How is it possible one transfer is in income and 2 others not. Looks like “fapi/v1/income” have some weird limits despite using startTime or not using it at all.


  1. Make sure your startTime in /income is configured early enough
  2. Add a parameter called archived=true (before timestamp=) and try

If it still doesn’t work, please contact CS and they might need to check your account status