Future Order Book. Successful [200] but empty response


I have a problem with getting Future Order Book data.
I have described the details in GitHub Issues here: Future Order Book. Successful [200] but empty response · Issue #197 · binance/binance-public-data · GitHub

My User ID

I will duplicate it here:


response status code: 200
response content: b’{}’
=> KeyError: ‘id’

My Steps:

Filled out the access form for the Future Order Book.
2) Got approved:Your application for historical futures order book data has been approved, please follow our Github guidance to access with your whitelisted account API key.
3) Created API key at binance.com/en/my/settings/api-management
4) Downloaded master/Futures_Order_Book_Download/Futures-order-book-Level2-data-download.py
5) Replaced api_key and secret_key with my newly created ones.
6) Received the Error KeyError: ‘id’.

Have you open the futures account?