Filter failure: LOT_SIZE on quoteOrderQty errors

Help ma please! I want to show by example that the LOT_SIZE filter does not pass

For example 1000UST I want to sell everything and buy BTC

order = client.order_market_buy (
symbol = 'BTCUSDT, quoteOrderQty = 1000)

An error comes out
binance.exceptions.BinanceAPIException: APIError (code = -2010): Filter failure: LOT_SIZE

(Quantity- minQty)% stepSize == 0

print ((1000-0.01)% 0.1 == 0)

I get False, most likely because of this the filtering does not pass, how to solve the problem, how to round off quoteOrderQty?

Hi, are you sending the request the testnet? there is no ask open orders in testnet, that’s why quoteOrderQty can not be estimated with correct quantity. It will be working fine on production.

Hi! Yes I’m sending the request the testnet. Now I understand why I couldn’t! Thanks!

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