Filter Failure: LOT_SIZE ERROR

I received the error message: LOT_SIZE when trying to place a Market Order Buy SOL (SOLUSDT), with a quoteQty of 10 USDT.

(I’m running with the Testnet API)

I did some research and found that the conditions for LOT_SIDE include 3 parts:

  1. quantity >= minQty
  2. quantity <= maxQty
  3. quantity % stepSize == 0

    I see that my Market Order Buy does not violate any of the above 3 conditions.
    Can you help me figure out where exactly I’m having trouble?
    Thank you very much!

is it on spot testnet? I can’t reproduce the issue.

Hi, thanks for replying! Yes it is on spot testnet!

It’s still the SOLUSDT trading pair, today I encountered the error: ‘NOTIONAL’.