fill time takes too long (socket message)

hi, i got a crypto trading bot which when it recieves a signal, it sends position + orders to binance. most of the time the delay till i get a position fill takes around 15-25ms, but very often is it 60-200ms. anybody who can help me here? willin to give something for successful fix :smiley: . example:

→ [21:36:28.063] sending data to binance…
→ [21:36:28.216] REEF.long entry fill at $.003777

  • i am sending position + 6 orders at once
  • it is not a code or internet problem since server runs on a 10Gbps dedicated server in Tokyo

is there anything like user priority thing?

Unfortunately there is little we can help with this. 0.2s is pretty fast to have the order filled.

However if you are interested in how time was spent during the process, it may be worth figuring out how much on each step, e.g. handshake. It may take a “while” for server to receive it.

Hope this will be helpful.