Fetching user addresses

Hi, what is the best way to obtain the accounts (addresses) of a user on binance?

I want functionality similar to coinbase’s endpoint “https://api.coinbase.com/api/v3/brokerage/accounts”, which gives you the wallet addresses associated with the user’s account.

I can get the deposit addresses for every coin on binance, but are these the same addresses that used for trading activity?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


You can get the deposit addresses for your account, based on the coin, via the GET /sapi/v1/capital/deposit/address.

Deposits to these addresses will be added to your Spot Account Wallet which is directly used for Spot Trading activity. Should you wish to trade on Futures or Margin, you can simply make an internal transfer from your Spot wallet → Margin/Futures wallets once the deposit is confirmed. I hope that answers your question.

Thanks for the comment. I am currently fetching the addresses only for the purpose of tracking. As I understand it, the deposit addresses can change and are not sufficient for this purpose. Do you know how I can obtain all the addresses related to e.g. my eth trading history?