Fetch accounts position opening and closing without API key

Hello, I have been curious for a while how people create such bots (https://twitter.com/monitor_magic), I imagine they follow a certain amount of accounts that are public on the Binance futures trading and as soon as an order is executed they seem to know it. I dont think they scrape the whole webpage to see if anything changes as that seems extremely inefficient, so does anyone have a clue on how one could achieve such task?

Can’t help with how other bot is implemented, however Binance provides APIs that you can fetch and send data.
Hope this will be helpful.

I am fully aware there is an api that i can do this with, but i doubt this sort of bots receive the private API keys from this people, i am just trying to figure out how they are doing this so i came here in case someone had an idea, right now the most obvious that comes to me is the scraping of their account from the website but it just doesnt seem feasible, especially when many accounts are being followed at once

Binance only officially support the APIs that in the public documents. Any other endpoint if it exist is not recommended to use in the application.