Features request for USD Futures contracts

Hi devs and community
I have browsed the forum and found some topics requesting the same but since they are already several months old I decided to make this new post in order to refresh the petition and to bring the subjects back to the table for the proper discussion. I quote the old posts link for reference:

  1. About the possibility of modifying open orders:
    This is an essential feature. The lack of it on the client side leads to a lot of inconsistencies and makes the handling of order strategies a true nightmare. The user needs to check and re-check to ensure actions took place as intended and this could be especially bothering if you are trading with a high latency. Market volatility itself brings already enough problems to deal with like to additionally having to face them with a deficient system of orders management.

  2. Market data intervals smaller than 1m:
    On the original post the user @aisling2 argued that it was not easy to implement as there were many factors to consider.
    I was wondering what those many other factors are? I thought it would be as simple as aggregating all the ticks between second 1 and second 2 in a single candle and retrieving the data via the API just the same way as it is already being done with other time periods.

And that it shouldn’t be especially hard to replicate in USD futures something that is already working for spot trading and COIN-M right?
Don’t get me wrong, Binance is great, but it is hard to understand this policy of including key features and keeping them exclusive in a single mode. More than a year has elapsed from the time announcements were made and we are still waiting for the same improvements. We are not asking here for something extraordinary, all good brokers offer data granularity to their users and provide the tools to manage orders efficiently, because it is a win/win. It helps traders to take better decisions and encourages trading more which in the end means more commissions are being paid.

I wait to hear the devs and other user’s opinions.

thanks for the feedback.

These 2 concerns of new features as

  • 1/ modify order
  • 2/ new interval

We don’t have the context of them, but I pretty sure the internal team is aware of them and they are having their own planning. There is no info that we can share at this moment.

Please check the API document change log, you will find the updates there when it’s available.

Hi @dino, thanks for the response. I have noticed the order modification feature was published on the changelog two days ago. And we are glad to know we were not forgotten and that the Binance staff is working every day to give us a better experience.
Unfortunately for me the fact that the feature is restricted for only a single order type makes it the same as nothing. I understand it may be of some use for other users as it is, but from my trading perspective this is rather an elegant alternative of doing certain things than of representing a true advantage. The principal order in a trade is seldom modified –if ever-, compared to how many times you need to move accessory orders to protect capital and profits.
I also understand that the logic behind an order modification feature for the other order types may be too complex to implement and that it will be always far from optimal as there no way of guaranteeing the orders will execute all the time exactly as the user expects, but this is better than nothing, and always better for the user to have the option of handling this things on the server side “as best as possible” than incur in to additional losses in a poor attempt to handle them inefficiently on his own side.
Hopefully the team is aware of this things and that they are already planning/working on giving us the full improvement soon so that we can have a better trading experience.

In regards of the fact that I need to have precision in seconds, i have figured out that this is possible using the @aggTrades endpoint. If I look up at each second inside the specific minute interval I am able to get the exact time of occurrence for any given price. This works well for live requirements but I am facing a limitation at the start of a trading session when I need to get this same data for the span of a day (which is the amount of past data in minutes im using)

Suppose in 1 trading day there is at least 200|300 points to get:
At a weight rate of 20 per request
20 x 60 seconds = 1200
And with a maximum request weight limit of 2400 it will allow to get a maximum of 2 prices per minute, and with ~300 extremes / 2 minutes It will take about 150 minutes to obtain this data…

So before walking into making a database on my own which will be painful and hard to manage (as it will require to be listening 24/7 to the stream in order to maintain it), I was willing to hear other opinions ¿@dino?, maybe there’s an alternative way of doing it? (I have also visited https://data.binance.vision but the information is published with a delay of at least two days)

Thanks in advance