Feature request via API: "Distribution History" and "Your Commission History"

Hello there!

I’d be nice to have access to “Distribution History” and “Your Commission History”, as one may like to download the full history of the Binance account.

What are you thinking, guys?

Distribution history:

Commission history is not available from API

Thank you very much, @dino :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t that be awesowe if one can download off the Commission History? :slight_smile:

I will forward this to the team, thank you for the suggestion.

Thanks @dino, it’d be really really cool if Binance has that! :slight_smile:

And can you please let me know in this thread when it’s ready, as I can get the notification and do my job :slight_smile:

Roger that! :slight_smile: @dino

Hi please check out the change log from the API document. It will be listed as soon as it’s released. thanks