Feature Request: Provide Buyer/Seller ID in historical trades

Bridging with https://github.com/binance/binance-public-data/issues/30

If I stream trades, I get items of the format:

  "e": "trade",     // Event type
  "E": 123456789,   // Event time
  "s": "BNBBTC",    // Symbol
  "t": 12345,       // Trade ID
  "p": "0.001",     // Price
  "q": "100",       // Quantity
  "b": 88,          // Buyer order ID
  "a": 50,          // Seller order ID
  "T": 123456785,   // Trade time
  "m": true,        // Is the buyer the market maker?
  "M": true         // Ignore

However, accessing historical trades via api/v3/historicalTrades, this information is missing.

This information is valuable in reconstructing past trades, which may contain many partials which will share the same { BuyerID if buyerIsMaker else SellerID }. Reconstructing from timestamp is unreliable.

Adding these 2 fields won’t break any backwards compatibility, and would help researchers to operate over Binance historical data and run simulations.

Please consider allowing us access to this data.

Which information is missing? “E”?