Feature Request: Option to enable withdrawals API for sub-accounts


As I understand sub-accounts withdrawals are disabled by design, so that they’re given to people who are trusted to trade but not withdraw within an organization, but I would like to bring you up scenarios where this limitation does not allow for executing common trading strategies/use cases.

First, say you pair trade futures on two exchanges, one of which is Binance, if you are even slightly leveraged you risk getting liquidated. The way you mitigate it is to transfer funds from the exchange with a winning side to an exchange with a losing side, moreover if you algotrade you want to try to automate this via API.

At the moment this is only possible to do if:

  • one does request a master account API key for withdrawals, which is a huge security risk, compared if there was designated withdrawals API key only for a certain subaccount.
  • one does request the master account to do transfer manually and has to manually monitor constantly position liquations, which goes against the purpose of automated trading.

Second, I think another common use case for using sub-accounts is not simply giving an opportunity for someone to trade without risking unwanted withdrawals, but simply having a separation for different trading strategies/algos of their own. As result I think the master account should be able to decide for themselves if they want to trust the subaccounts with withdrawals or not, depending on it’s use case.

As result I would like to propose one of two changes:

  • have a general on/off switch for a master account enabling withdrawals on a sub-account
  • have a possibility for a master account to generate a sub-account specific withdrawal API key, that has no access to the master account any way.

Thank you.

Would love to see any admin replies on this. This is a pretty crucial functionality, lack of it holds many projects and ideas in our team back. Thanks

Hey @regmeg, thanks for taking the time to write down on your feedback and suggestion regarding the withdrawal on sub-accounts topic. We’ll register it down :slight_smile:

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thank you :slight_smile: