FEATURE: buyerUserNo to be Available on Public API

Hi requesting to show the buyerUserNo on API


I can see it on binance


but no on public API response, there’s none:

"code": "000000",
"message": "success",
"data": {
"orderNumber": "20358890071510761472",
"advOrderNumber": "11354344366938157056",
"buyerMobilePhone": "",
"sellerMobilePhone": "",
"buyerNickname": "jh*****.com",
"sellerNickname": "SereFei",
"sellerName": "",
"tradeType": "SELL",
"payType": "Gcash",
"payMethods": [],
"selectedPayId": 17885394,
"orderStatus": 4,
"asset": "USDT",
"amount": "3.22000000",
"price": "62.00000000",
"totalPrice": "200.00000000",
"fiatUnit": "PHP",
"isComplaintAllowed": true,
"confirmPayTimeout": 1,
"remark": "",
"createTime": 1652560065000,
"notifyPayTime": 1652560113000,
"confirmPayTime": 1652576942000,
"notifyPayEndTime": 1652562765000,
"confirmPayEndTime": 1652561013000,
"fiatSymbol": "₱",
"currencyTicketSize": "0.01",
"assetTicketSize": "0.01",
"priceTicketSize": "0.01",
"notifyPayedExpireMinute": 45,
"confirmPayedExpireMinute": 15,
"clientType": "ios",
"authentication": true,
"nickColor": "225|#FF9315|#C60000",
"onlineStatus": "0",
"merchantNo": "s377277ff5f1f376989d5c9b2aa66bdaa",
"origin": "MAKE_TAKE",
"unreadCount": 0,
"iconUrl": "https://bin.bnbstatic.com/images/20191212/ec1e0b6e-06f7-4963-b454-6f631a49b4d1.png",
"avgReleasePeriod": 0,
"avgPayPeriod": 55,
"expectedPayTime": 1652560120000,
"commissionRate": "0.002",
"commission": "0",
"tradeMethodCommissionRateVoList": []
"success": true

TIA for those that will answer if I can find it on other way. Or this will be included. Thanks!

Thanks for feedback, we will let team know.

Wow cool thanks! Badly needed this for the use case we are working on.

@dino Any update on this?. Thanks

Any update on this? Thank you!

Does this endpoint still work for you?

@Yevhen_Hukalo this endpoints works for me: /sapi/v1/c2c/orderMatch/getUserOrderDetail

@tony-tripulca Did you find buyerUserNo?

Hi @tony-tripulca is this endpoint still working? I am trying to get it to work using adOrderNo and timestamp but its returning {“code”:-1000,“msg”:“An unknown error occurred while processing the request.”}, any idea.

Appreciate your help with this.

** got it to work **