/fapi/v1/allOrders with no orderId, startTime, endTime returns empty list

Hi, I have a bug report on /fapi/v1/allOrders
Docs states: “If orderId is set, it will get orders >= that orderId. Otherwise most recent orders are returned.”
So if I don’t specify orderId, startTime, endTime and put limit=1 I expect to receive the last order, but I get empty list.
I checked Binance Spot, it works according to the docs and returns the last order.
Do you have this bug reported and any plans to fix it?

The /fapi/v1/allOrders endpoint has a time window of 7 days. If you omit orderId, startTime and endTime, the endpoint will return the last order of the past 7 days. If no order was placed in the last 7 days, the endpoint will return an empty array.

Thank you! Your comment explains my issue.

This should be added to the documentation imo