Failure to fast redeem a flexible savings product right after midnight 00:00 UTC

Normally I have no issues purchasing or fast redeeming flexible savings products through the API.

At around 00:00 - 00:15 UTC time (I didn’t test further than that), I’m unable to perform a fast redeem through POST as I keep getting http error: 400, code: -6007, msg: “not in redeem time”.

What does that mean? It seems as fast redemption is not possible during all times of a day.

Hi. Can you share the query string you sent (remove the sensitive part such as signature)?
The redeem time depends on the product. We will check it for you after getting the info mentioned above.

Hi @ishuen, thanks for the reply!

The payload was following:

  "productId": "BUSD001",
  "amount": "<OMITTED>",
  "type": "FAST",
  "timestamp": 1630627209744,
  "signature": "<OMITTED>"

Hi. Thanks for the info shared.
Redemption is not allowed from 23:50 ~ 00:10 UTC time.

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