Failed to find the original order id based on its error information especially when I luanchu dozens of new order asynchronously

hello, I found that the error information contains no order related information after I request a new order.

for example, I launch 10 new orders at the same time with an asynchronous restful api.
From the information from binance server, I knows that some orders are New or Filled, some has errors, like this {“code”:-1013,“msg”:“Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL”}.

From the error information, I don’t know which order has this error, since it has no orderID or clientOrderId in this message.

Since new order command is launched in an asynchronous way, I have no extra information when receiving error message.

Really appreciate if any one can help!

There’s no order Id because the request has failed, so this error handling should be done on your local end.

Yes, I will handle the error at local end, but I should know which order failed.

Since I request dozens of orders asynchronously, I don’t know which order failed in the restful api callback function.

This sounds more of an issue related with programming with asynchronous tasks and not so related with the API endpoint usage.

Thanks for your advice!

I will try to improve my code.

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