Extract Data to Excel


Hope you’re fine.

i am a person looking to learn programming.

My goal would be to be able to extract the trade volume data of all the USDT paired cryptos available in spot on Binance (for example AVAX / USDT) to import them into Excel.

When I talk about trade volume, I am not talking about the indicator with the green and red bars. I’m talking about the data we see above the graph: 24h volume (USDT).

I want to be able to extract this data on Excel to compare these volumes with the previous volumes that I would have already extracted.
I could compare the volumes every hour or so to see the evolution.

Problem is, I don’t know where to start lol.

What is the protocole ? Is it difficult to set up?

Thanks for reading me. Have a nice day / evening.

I apologize if this topic is a duplicate or if it is in the wrong category. I am having difficulty with navigation on the forum.

Normally users found Python is a good choice to start with. Learning basic python skills may help with this task. Then look into our API document, we have public kline endpoint that returning this data.