Explaining origQty, executedQty , and cummulativeQuoteQty

Q: What is the difference between:


if we have this user story, Alice placed a limit order with parameters


and received response:

"symbol": "BNBUSDT",
"origQty": "1.50000000",
"executedQty": "0.50000000",
"cummulativeQuoteQty": "17.50000000",
"fills": [
            "price": "35.00000000",
            "qty": "0.50000000",
            "commission": "0.00000000",
            "commissionAsset": "BNB",
            "tradeId": 7

origQty is the client’s original quantity from the request, which is 1.5.
executedQty is how many BNB is matched in the order, which is 0.5
cummulativeQuoteQty is how much Alice paid for buying BNB in USDT, which is $17.5.


Hello @dino
I have a question with this.
It is a market order i have enough BNB.
Here’s market order info:
symbol: BIFIBNB
quoteOrderQty: 0.285
side: ‘BUY’
type: ‘MARKET’
Here’s result info:
“symbol”: “BIFIBNB”,
“orderId”: 9918151,
“orderListId”: -1,
“clientOrderId”: “x-U5D79M5BJcZqaAQqTazoTL1aElXO”,
“transactTime”: 1623984964445,
“price”: “0.00000000”,
“origQty”: “0.05200000”,
“executedQty”: “0.05200000”,
“cummulativeQuoteQty”: “0.28314000”,
“status”: “FILLED”,
“timeInForce”: “GTC”,
“type”: “MARKET”,
“side”: “BUY”,
“fills”: [
“price”: “5.44500000”,
“qty”: “0.05200000”,
“commission”: “0.00019686”,
“commissionAsset”: “BNB”,
“tradeId”: 457400
Not sure why cummulativeQuoteQty(0.28314000) is less than quoteOrderQty(0.285) even there’s enough BNB coin.(I thought cummulativeQuoteQty value should be the same as 0.285)
Please give me a hint on how to consider it.
Kind regards.

cummulativeQuoteQty doesn’t count what has been paid for the commission right ?

Hi @aymens, I’m also trying to look for this information, did you find out if this is true?

I’d guess what happened was: if you divide the quoteOrderQty (0.285) by the price used to fill the order (5.445), you get the result 0.0523416 (rounded because of the baseAssetPrecision). But maybe because of the baseAsset stepSize (0.001), it would not be possible to buy 0.0523416 BIFI, but only 0.052, so that was all the amount you could get (see the “qty” field in “fills”?)
Now, if the maximum quantity you could get was 0.052 BIFI for a price of 5.445 each, than the real expenditure you made in BNB was 0.28314 (cummulativeQuoteQty), so despite your intent to spend 0.285 BNB, you could spend no more than 0.28314 BNB.
Sorry if that’s not accurate, maybe others can help, but I wanted to guess so I can learn too.