expired order during listing pump

Hello everyone, during the listing of a new cryptocurrency, we always observe a single candle within a second, which multiplies the initial price by many times. For example, in today’s listing on the STRK/FDUSD pair, the initial price went from 0.2 to 7 within just one second. First of all, I would like to ask whether these data are reliable, if indeed within a single second, the exchange prices cover such a wide range. Additionally, I am trying to develop a bot that can buy as quickly as possible, so as to purchase while this candle is growing, as close as possible to its beginning, and then sell later. I am writing a console application in C#, and I am directly calling the Binance API.
Today I managed to place a series of market buy orders successfully; however, they were all marked as expired. Below is the response I received from the API, I don’t understand why the orders were not executed correctly. Can someone help me? Thank You anyway