Expired Delivery Symbols


Is there any way how I can retrieve a list of Delivery Symbols that have expired? I need this to fetch a complete list of trades from the ‘/dapi/v1/userTrades’ COIN-M endpoint.

Also, is it even possible to retrieve trades for expired COIN-M delivery contracts?

Ryan Falzon

Hey @ryanfalzon,
unfortunately there’s no direct API for you to get the no longer available for trading symbols.
As for your 2nd question, yes, you should be able to get your trades from inactive symbols.

But how am I going to get the trades for my inactive symbols if I need to pass the actual inactive symbols to the trades endpoint for COIN-M? Bear in mind that I will be pulling client data, so I have no way of knowing which contracts he traded on.

If you have control over the API account, you can reach out to the customer support for them to provide you more details on the traded symbols.