executedQty in futures testnet is always 0

Hello guys and thanks in advance for the assistance, executedQty in futures testnet is always 0 even if I see in the UI that the position is openned. can someone please help me understand this behavior

could you give more details of how did you get the executedQty value?

I get the executedQty value from the response of this Endpoint : “/fapi/v1/order”, when I send a request to the endpoint in the real api I get a reponse like this when filled :


and as you can see the executedQty in not 0 when status is "FILLED"but in TESTNET it’s always 0 and the status is always “NEW” but even if it’s “NEW” and not “FILLED” I still see the order in the user interface being executed … but the response do not return “executedQty” correctly.


Hello Dino and thanks again for the continuous support, after trying to tweak the code and after searching online for a few hours I found someone explaining that using this parameter in the request is what was missing “newOrderRespType”:“RESULT”.

and it’s true once I added this parameter I start getting the value “executedQty” != 0 so I guess in the real binance futures api I was using this parameter and I forgot about it; that’s why I was getting the response with “executedQty” correct in real binance api but not in testnet, I for some reason forgot that this paramater is important.

thanks again and have a good day.