Execute marketBuy features on node-binance-api

When I use the binance.futuresMarketBuy() in node api, which price do I get? The current indexPrice, or the current markPrice properties? I want it to store the value and use it as calculation to set the predetermined TP and SL level.

When you place a market buy, it will try to place the order at the current market price, eg. the last traded price on the orderbook. The actual price the order got filled at will be contained within the actual response upon being successfully filled.

So lets say i want to set TP of 0.8%, do i need to stream the last price via websocket stream and calculate that price * 1.008, or should i just pull my open position and calculate the avgPrice?

*edit : do i need to use futuresPositionRisk and start from there? I mean i get the value of entryPrice from using futuresPositionRisk, and just calculate my TP and SL from that value