European Options SIGNED endpoints error. (No Options API category)


We are currently trying to integrate European Options to our solution. We have already did COIN-M and USD-M Futures and that went well. However when we try to retrieve SIGNED endpoints data, we constantly receive an error about “invalid data sent for parameter.” Reading the official API documentation it looks like the mechanism for signature generation is the same as it is with futures endpoints (and I repeat, we have no problems there). We use the same scheme for the Options, but it seems there is a problem. Also I am not missing any mandatory parameters, according to the official docs. I will provide you with some example request and response bellow. Keep in mind I have edited out the API key / Signature, but I assure you, they are valid, and work for Futures but not for Options. Also I did not forget to update the API key permissions, also whitelisted the IP just in case. In the beginning I was getting “Invalid API Key / IP permissions” errors, but after I have updated the setting in API management page on my account, I am now stuck with this. Please advise.

Sample request response pair (as logged by our application):

GET /eapi/v1/userTrades?timestamp=1667206310910&signature=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HTTP/1.1
X-MBX-APIKEY: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Connection: keep-alive

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 57
Connection: keep-alive
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 08:51:52 GMT
x-mbx-used-weight-1m: 6
x-response-time: 76ms
X-Cache: Error from cloudfront
Via: 1.1 (CloudFront)
X-Amz-Cf-Pop: LHR61-P2
X-Amz-Cf-Id: IyhJwGb7HmxZ4G97Z2NXl-ER4JIwKPJz0UDxNEEVQopL9kl0O1A1Zg==

{"code":-1130,"msg":"Invalid data sent for a parameter."}

Best Regards,
Bozhidar Raykov

Thanks for feedback, we will review and verify.

Hi, is there any progress for this ?

Best Regards,
Bozhidar Raykov

@bojko1000 Could try again by creating a new API key and enabling the options permission on the API Management page, please?
It might be related with using an API that was created before opening the Options account.

@aisling2 Thank you, this time with fresh API key I have no error response.

Best Regards,
Bozhidar Raykov

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