EUROPE - API Error 451 - ccxt.binance

I am having an app backend on google cloud in Europe region and since a week ago i m getting API Error 451. (Using ccxt.binance)

I moved the backend from europe-north-1 finland to europe-west belgium and still getting the same Error 451.

In the ‘b. Eligibility’ there is nothing for Europe, except US.

What shall I do?

It would be sooooooo easy for binance to fix that. Example: solution.

Closing all these threads begins to cause more work, than actually SOLVING the issue.

Binance does not care about your problems, but you can fix them yourself. Dino will close it with the same non-answer, that’s how they are doing business. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

gcloud compute networks create europenetwork
–subnet-mode custom

gcloud compute addresses create europestaticip
–region europe-central2

gcloud compute addresses describe europestaticip
–region europe-central2
–format “value(address)”

gcloud compute routers create europenat
–network europenetwork
–region europe-central2

gcloud compute routers nats create europenatconfig
–router-region europe-central2
–router europenat
–nat-external-ip-pool europestaticip

gcloud compute networks vpc-access connectors create vpceuropeconnector
–network europenetwork
–region europe-central2

Then you need to set up your function of cloud run instance or whatever else you’re using to use this VCP for all traffic.

Details Routing Cloud Run and Cloud Functions egress traffic through a static external IP address  |  Google Cloud Platform Community

Feel free to ping me, if you have any questions.

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thx, it works. new project costs incoming cause binance.