ETH contract address info

For sure you know, that eth contract name is insufficient to identify the correct eth contract, before depositing its token to your exchange (similar token names, new and old contracts for the same token, etc.). There is no API possibility to check contract address of tokens listed in your exchange, leaving api users at risk of loosing deposited tokens.

Could you possibly enhance one of your API endpoints with contract addresses?
Thank you!

We are not supporting all ERC20 tokens, please make sure you are depositing only these assets returned from endpoint:


From UI, each coin has it’s link which gives the details,<coin_name>

Please confirm it’s the asset that you wish to deposit.

Hi Dino.
Thank you for your assistance.
Binance doesn’t support all ERC20 contracts, yes, exactly that’s why I want the users to be able to confirm the contract they are going to deposit.

Was one of the endpoints I was referring to. It only provides symbol or name as identifier. For sure you know, that there are many contracts with similar/same name. Or one particular token migrates from one contract to another. The name/symbol is insufficient as unique identifier.

The UI can be used to dig out the info, but to overload it with api calls is not the right way to do things.
Furthermore, it is unreliable, as the etherscan info is not linked to the contract used in binance exchange directly, its maintained by your staff separately.

Thank you Dino. It could easily prevent bad surprises for users/bots depositing to wrong contract addresses.
Could you please keep us updated with any changes from the dev team?

it’s a good suggestion, since many projects support smart contract, it can be useful to return the contract address for coins if they have.

I have forward this suggestion to the dev team, hope they will give some feedback.

Hi Dino.
What about this request? Today I lost another significant amount of tokens only due to the fact, that binance uses old contract of adx and there is NO WAY to get this info from binance API.


Sorry for waiting. Unfortunately there is no plan of adding this information in the API. However I would suggest to contact customer support for the contract address of any coin from Binance wallet.

thank you for your understanding.

Hi Jeremy.
Is it on purpose, that you want to hinder bot deposits?

It is that simple, yet so important & essential to provide unique identifier for bot deposits. (Contacting support for each token and for every deposit by bot is not an option)

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Any update? it is surprising that why not hundreds of people request this essential thing??? it is so detrimental, that I cant even describe. How it comes out no-one has been terrified with this lack of information that no contract addresses are provided? how can you rely on just slug, there are tons of same slugs and even same token with different slugs on exchanges. this is ridicilous, without contract address you shouldnt even use API.