Error: You are not authorized to execute this request.

Q: Why my request fails with {"code":-1002,"msg":"You are not authorized to execute this request."}

This is a client side error and -1003 stands for UNAUTHORIZED, which means you don’t have the necessary security specifications to do the request. This error can happen with different products’ endpoints (Spot, Futures, Margin, …) and is usually related with:

  • You don’t have the necessary permissions enabled in your account’s API Management webpage ( → check the used API Key;
  • You didn’t attach signature to the request;
  • You attached signature but it’s incorrect. Double check how the signature is generated. You can use a different method (for example Postman) to do the same request, verify if it succeeds and then troubleshoot your local code;
  • You didn’t send API-key in the X-MBX-APIKEY header, which is mandatory for some endpoints, for more info please check Endpoint security types
  • You’ve used an API Key different than the intended one.
  • If you trade on some symbols, and seeing this error, you may need to sign agreement first. Please check from UI and see if you can place order.
    • leveraged tokens
    • Margin
    • etc.