Error when placing Take profit

I’m getting the following error when trying to place a take profit:

OrderImmediatelyFillable binance {"code":-2021,"msg":"Order would immediately trigger."}

The order looks like this:

take_profit_1 = exchange.create_order(coin, 'TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET', 'sell', amount_executed*0.40, None, {'stopPrice': price + (price*0.01), 'positionSide': 'BOTH', 'closePosition': 'true', 'workingType': 'MARK_PRICE', 'priceProtect': 'true'})

And has the following parameters:

symbol = coin
side = sell
amount = amount_executed*0.40
stopPrice =  price + (price*0.01),
positionSide = BOTH
closePosition = true
workingType = MARK_PRICE
priceProtect = true

When you are buying, that is correct.
When you are selling however, the TP should be below the market price, or it will be triggered immediately. So when you have sell order it should be

price - (price*0.01)

this is how I am resolving this issue:

    if data2['side'] == 'SELL':
        corection_coef = -1
    if data2['side'] == 'BUY':
        corection_coef = 1

than you can write

price + (corection_coef*price*0.01)

And that should work