Error msg using websocket with python: {'e': 'error', 'm': 'Queue overflow. Message not filled'}

I have been trying to pull data via web socket from Binance and will occasionally get the return msg: {‘e’: ‘error’, ‘m’: ‘Queue overflow. Message not filled’}. Does anyone know what causes this message?

which websocket server did you connect? did you use any library/sdk?

Connected to trade and orderbook streams using the python-binance library

Same issue here.
I experienced it using the trades socket so I changed it to klines. Now I am using a websocket with the depth and I have the same problem.

Maybe, my laptop is blocked computing my code when the new data came from the socket and the queue is full??

this worked for me:

client = Client(api_key, api_secret)
bsm = BinanceSocketManager(client)
socket = bsm.trade_socket(pair)

#update database everytime we receive a new value from socket
while True:
# Calculate delay from now to the moment of previous request + 1 sec
# btw, it’s Ok to sleep negative delays as well, so we don’t need an if
#delay = last_request_time + 10.0 - time.monotonic()
#await asyncio.sleep(delay) # sleep
#last_request_time = time.monotonic() # write timestamp at the moment of the new request

await socket.__aenter__()  # That's bad, use `async with` instead 
msg = await socket.recv()

if msg['e'] == 'error':
    # close and restart the socket
    bsm = BinanceSocketManager(client)
    socket = bsm.trade_socket(pair)
    frame = createframe(msg)
    frame.to_sql(pair, engine, if_exists="append", index=False)

Do we have a solution for this error message ?
Here are the tests I’ve done:
For 100 different pairs;

  • launch websocket for klines_1m, no queue overflow error.
  • launch websocket for bookTicker, no queue overflow error.
  • launch websocket for both, queue overflow error.

Do you guys have solution for this ?