Error code 4013 at Futures API (Trailing Stop)

Hey there,

When i try to execute trailing stop order, i will get an error code 4013x (Price less than min price.).

And i get this error from every coin.

This is my execution code;
$executeTA = $exchange->createOrder($symbol, ‘TRAILING_STOP_MARKET’, $position, $quantity, $entryPrice, $params);

                $params = array (
                    'callbackRate'=> $trailingStop, 
                    'workingType'=> 'MARK_PRICE',
                    'activationPrice'=> $activationPrice,
                    'reduceOnly'=> 'true',
                    'timeInForce' => 'GTC',
                    'marginType' => 'ISOLATED'

EntryPrice is last price of the coin.
Activation price = entryPrice*1.002
Trailing stop = 0.3

What is wrong with my code?

Thanks a lot!

Hi. It means that your activation price of this TRAILING_STOP_MARKET order is too low. Please check on exchangeInfo endpoint “PRICE_FILTER” for the minimum price requirement.

Wait a second.
You say “activation price of this TRAILING_STOP_MARKET order is too low.”

Is it mean that i should put AP to further away from entry price?

I mean,
For LONG: EntryPrice 1$, AP 1.01 > Error?

The last price of the coin does not really matter. As long as your activation price fits the requirement, it works.

Thanks ishuen!