Error code -1000 when sending multiply requests in short time

Hello everyone, I have a issue, When sending many requests in short time (sending batchOrders for many pairs), its response with error code -1000 (“Unknown error please check your request or try again later”). This error occurs by chance, and mainly when requests are sended for several crypto pairs almost at the same time. It occurs for single order requests too. Tell me in which direction to look, or maybe someone has already encountered this problem. thank you in advance.

Request -[{"symbol"%3A+"BTCUSDT"%2C+"side"%3A+"BUY"%2C+"type"%3A+"STOP_MARKET"%2C+"quantity"%3A+"0.038"%2C+"workingType"%3A+"CONTRACT_PRICE"%2C+"stopPrice"%3A+"58714.07"%2C+"reduceOnly"%3A+"true"%2C+"timeInForce"%3A+"GTC"}%2C+{"symbol"%3A+"BTCUSDT"%2C+"side"%3A+"BUY"%2C+"type"%3A+"LIMIT"%2C+"quantity"%3A+"0.019"%2C+"price"%3A+"57937.27"%2C+"workingType"%3A+"CONTRACT_PRICE"%2C+"reduceOnly"%3A+"true"%2C+"timeInForce"%3A+"GTC"}%2C+{"symbol"%3A+"BTCUSDT"%2C+"side"%3A+"BUY"%2C+"type"%3A+"LIMIT"%2C+"quantity"%3A+"0.019"%2C+"price"%3A+"56684.25"%2C+"workingType"%3A+"CONTRACT_PRICE"%2C+"reduceOnly"%3A+"true"%2C+"timeInForce"%3A+"GTC"}]&timestamp=1637248992044&signature=e26eee53c40adeb08928932fa4d5cd33905d0bd6c101d2a15d258f25c471295c

Hello, error messages containing “Unknown error” can be due to the server not receiving response from the underlying processing levels within a set timeout, this can happen when there’s high load for example. The best would be using the user data stream connection to track the orders updates, you could use c field from ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE event to detect your Client Order Id (pre-defined when sending the order with parameter newClientOrderId)

Thx for answer