Error 451 when accessing the Futures API from US


  • I need to query only public data (no auth needed)
  • I need to do this from a Google Cloud Platform server (and it seems that no matter what region I use, the IP is always from US)
  • Any call to returns an HTTP 451 error

I’ve read through other posts regarding 451 and it seems that for the Spot API there are a few workarounds: using data.binance .com, data-api.binance .vision, or api.binance .us for example.
Unfortunately these urls don’t work for the Futures API (I’ve tried also data-fapi.binance .vision and fapi.binance .us).

How can I access public data from the Futures API from a US server?

@aisling2 That seems to be more of an archive than an API, right? For example I can find the funding rates up to the previous month but not for the current month…