Error 104ECONNRESET python

Hey evryone. I make a bot who sand me once an hour the price of some crypto. The first lap works excelent but when the bot will send me the second lap (one hour later) return me this error: exception: (‘Connection aborted.’, OSError("(104, ‘ECONNRESET’)")).
I have tryed “Client(api_key, secret_key)” in the first line of my while loop thonking that this will reconnect with the server but keep returnme the error. Any solution ?

Need to re-initialize the session after encountering this problem which means you should re-do below:
client = Client(‘xxxx’,‘xxxx’)

Read it from the github repo and post your further question there -

I have read about this reconnection, so I try this:
while True:
client = Client(credentials.api_key, credentials.secret_key)
except Exception as e:
client = Client(api_key,secret_key)

But the error keep

Looks like a python coding issue. Like I said, if you have further issue, post it there -