Error 1008 after sending a second command


my websocket client (C#) keep being disconnected when I send a second command, the first one always works, the error is the 1008 Policy Violation “invalid request”.
I’ve checked the command content and it is correct, i’m using the “/stream” feed.

any help is greatly welcomed

Do you get any error response back from the server before the close frame?

Another thing that comes to mind is frame fragmentation. Maybe that is throwing a spanner in the works. I believe, in .Net you need to set the endOfMessage flag to true in WebSocket.SendAsync() method call for it to set te FIN flag, so that the next frame is not a continuation of the previous one.

OMG ! This is it, I thought this was for the close message only… Should have try that by myself, thanks a lot !

Not in the buffer, I just see that in my client State.