Entry Price Update

Hello the ACCOUNT_UPDATE event give me that:

But the /fapi/v2/account endpoint:

            "symbol": "1000SHIBUSDT",
            "initialMargin": "12.29932000",
            "maintMargin": "6.14966000",
            "unrealizedProfit": "0.06975000",
            "positionInitialMargin": "12.29932000",
            "openOrderInitialMargin": "0",
            "leverage": "50",
            "isolated": false,
            "entryPrice": "0.0245958535201",
            "maxNotional": "50000",
            "positionSide": "BOTH",
            "positionAmt": "25000",
            "notional": "614.96600000",
            "isolatedWallet": "0",
            "updateTime": 1649596229193,
            "bidNotional": "0",
            "askNotional": "0"

Why entry price are different? There is no way to get the actual precision entry price over ws?


Nope, there is no way to get higher precision.

Seriously? so what’s the point if we can’t update our local values correctly?