Endpoints for buying, selling and exchanging crypto assets

Which API endpoints can be used for buying, selling and exchanging crypto assets?

You are looking for the New Order endpoint, which can be found under each exchange in the documentation.


Okay thanks, Also can you please help. How I can generate API key and secret key for test mode?

For SPOT, visit the Testnet site, and generate the credentials from there.

Yes, I generated the credentials. But I’m not getting the purpose of endpoints- mining, wallet, Fiat , margin etc. Can you please explain which endpoint I should use -if I want to buy, sell and exchange crypto assets.

To Buy and Sell on the Spot Exchange use the New Order endpoint.

To exchange (transfer) assets to another wallet, use the Withdraw endpoint

If you are having difficulties understanding these significance of these endpoints, I suggest either having a go at the platform to gain familiarity or make use of the Binance Academy information.


Can you please tell how we can transfer assets from binance platform to fireblocks vault account?