Enable CORS on Spot APIs PLEASE

Hello, I know CORS is not enabled on spot APIs, but could you please?
It has been such a relief when it enabled on USDM/Futures APIs.

I can’t ship product without CORS for end-users, with the recent fiasco of 3commas storing users API keys on a server it’s not SAFU do to it anymore.
I prefere to let users trade locally in their browser for security reasons, you can understand I guess.

SO please please please please please please please please could you enable CORS on spot APIs?

Hello, thank you for your feedback, we’ll register it down.

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Please allow x-mbx-apikey for preflight requests in Access-Control-Allow-Headers. Without that it seems to be impossible to use your API from web browsers.
If this is an intentional restriction on your end then please add a note to the API documentation a about that.

+1 on this, have to jump through hoops because Binance doesn’t mention x-mbx-apikey in Access-Control-Allow-Headers.

+1 on this, other exchanges such as bybit have also configured CORS on their APIs. Would be great if binance would do the same!

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Hello, has there been any progress on this? It seems x-mbx-apikey is still missing from Access-Control-Allow-Headers. Thanks!

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