Empty response to myTrades for one pair

I can get the trades for most of my trades pairs, but at least one keeps on returning an empty list on random occasions. This is in python. I can see that the balance is non-zero for the that pair, and that the web page trading history list lists two trades.
So, on two separate requests one will return an empty list and another the proper result.

Why is this happening? I think I’m not violating the IP limits and such as I’m doing the request manually, one at a time.

Hi. Based on the information you provided, this might be due to the incomplete data syncing process. Your API request may occasionally hit the DB server which has not yet included the latest data.

The trades/orders I’m after have long been filled already… for weeks now; they’re not new or active. I guess they would have been in the DB server for a long time. For this particular pair, one trade is pending. No trades happened lately.

Does the overall platform trading activity impact the DB server queries?

Do you still remember when those orders got filled?

It was in May/June this year.