Efficiently pull more than 1000 klines with python API

I’m wondering if anyone here has a good way to get more historical data from the API than the 1000 candles it is limited to. I find the start and end time quite tedious to work with. I am working with the python connector.

I’ve tried using a variable for the amount of milliseconds that are in my interval, and substracting those, but for some reason it does not work the way it is intended to.

klines = client.klines(SYMBOL, PRICE_INTERVAL, limit=LIMIT)
klines2 = client.klines(SYMBOL, PRICE_INTERVAL, limit=LIMIT, startTime=klines[0][0]-LIMIT*MILLISECONDS)

Unfortunately the 1000 per request limit is set in the server side. If you are downloading historical data, please consider to get the prepared zip packed from: