Edit open order without cencel and reorder

Is it possible to edit an existing open limit order? I mean via API. I know that we can cancel the order first, then place the new order. But I want to just edit (price, quantity, …) an open order without canceling it.
Thank you

Hi there,

No you must cancel and replace it with a new order. Once submitted, active orders cannot be changed - they can only be cancelled.

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As mentioned, there’s no way to edit an open order on the SPOT API as of this time.

Something you might want to look into instead is the Cancel Replace endpoint, if that will be easier than executing two requests (One to cancel, and one to place the new order)

Cancel Replace also uses a weight of 1, versus a cancel and new order placement separately which will consume 2 weight.


This is only available on Spot API, on both REST and WebSocket