DustLog precision issue

I noticed that sapi/v1/asset/dribblet method is not precise when it comes to the information about transfered amount and service fees. For example:

I receive the following small asset exchange history item via API:

fromAsset: ‘EUR’,
amount: ‘0.005126’,
transferedAmount: ‘0.00001204’,
serviceChargeAmount: ‘0.00000024’,

I see exactly the same values in the UI (/my/wallet/history/bnbconvert).

However, when I generate a full CSV report using the UI I can see the following entry in the history:
Spot Small assets exchange BNB 0,00001179

These values are inconsistent.
0.00001204 - 0.00000024 = 0.00001180 (not 0,00001179).

I guess there is a precision/rounding issue and the values shown in the API/UI are not correct.

Hi @wmajewski, unfortunately I don’t think we have enough resources here to check the aspects behind those calculations.
This is on the operations side, touches UI backend and generation of CSV file, so the best would be sharing this feedback to the customer service, they’ll also have access to you account’s data to serve as example for comparison.