dust error code

I am calling the Dust Transfer api (Post /sapi/v1/asset/dust) and receiving error code -5004 “The residual balances of the ONE have exceeded 0.001BTC, Please re-choose.”

I am trying to convert my dust in ETH, ONE, BTC and ultimately USDT. All retrun the exact same error. All have in terms of USD amounts anywhere from 1 penny to 8 pennies so certainly no where near .001 BTC in value.

I am using the java binance api but against binance.us. I have tried the same call with curl, POSTMAN, and python binance but i get a completely different error of ‘invalid character in parameter’.

Anyway, i would prefer to get this working in my java code for other reasons, does anyone have any idea what -5004 is trying to tell me?

The error msg has made it pretty clear - Your coin value is too big and you need to go to spot market to trade

I’m having the same issue, using PHP script. Same error regardless of coin.

        "asset": "ADA",
        "free": "0.06300000",
        "locked": "0.00000000"

{"code":-5004,"msg":"The residual balances of the ADA have exceeded 0.001BTC, Please re-choose."}

Thank you for your response, and of course I realize what the message is implying.

But you can also see from my posting the message states anything less than .001 BTC should be convertable to BNB as dust. The dust that i own in ONE is 0.00000022 BTC which is no where even close to .001 BTC that the message implies.

Oh, and the amounts are too small for SPOT trading, that returns a LOT_SIZE error if you trade these ‘dust’ amounts.

So does anyone else have any helpful input on this?

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I have this same problem. I am looking at less then 10 cents and cannot spot trade the currencies I am trying to dust.