Download futures orderbook level 2 data via API

I am trying to download historical futures but get an permission error
“code”:-1002,“msg”:“You are not authorized to execute this request.”
what can I do to troubleshoot this issue further?

Here is my API key settings

response status code: 401
response content: b'{"code":-1002,"msg":"You are not authorized to execute this request."}'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/binance-public-data/Futures_Order_Book_Download/", line 99, in <module>
    downloadID = download_response.json()["id"]
KeyError: 'id'

I am using the official Binance code from

My account was whitelisted Sep 5, 2022.
I sent an email to but did not receive an answer, yet.

Thank you for pointing out this issue. Do you get the same error when you run the following code: binance-public-data/Futures_Order_Book_Download/ at master · binance/binance-public-data · GitHub

Yes, I am using the newest source code from GitHub and running that code.

binance-public-data$ git rev-parse origin/master
binance-public-data$ git rev-parse HEAD

I had to changed the code a bit

# Specify the api_key and secret_key with your API Key and secret_key
api_key = "ZRXXXX"
secret_key = "7IuXXX"

# Specify the four input parameters below:
symbol = "BTCUSDT"  # specify the symbol name
startTime = 1711497600000  # specify the starttime
endTime = 1712102400000  # specify the endtime          
dataType = "T_DEPTH"  # specify the dataType to be downloaded

I can see in the comments that you need to be a VIP member now to have access?