Does REALIZED_PNL includes fees?


I’d like to ask you that for endpoint I can see that I can get all type of income and fees.
My problem is that I couldn’t figure out that REALIZED_PNL is an absolute profit an loss or the fees like FUNDING_FEE or COMMISSION are included in this price.
Let me give you an example:
My quantity is let’s say $100
So if the fees are included then I’d have $110 on my account after this trade but if not included then $107 on my account.

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Hello, the “income” amount in the response has not deducted the fee yet, so based on your example, you’ll get $110.
You can verify this by opening and closing a position using Futures Testnet, and then use the Testnet API key to compare responses from /fapi/v1/userTrades and /fapi/v1/income endpoints.

Thanks for your help!
Is there an ‘easy’ way to calculate profit for one specific order. I can see that these data are corresponding for the transaction and not for the orders and I can’t see how could I connect the order with its transactions.

i am having the same problem…have you found your answer? i am still confused that either pnl includes fee or not?

as far as I can see it doesn’t includes fee

REALIZED_PNL doesn’t include the fee so you’ll need to deduct the fees from it.